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Energy Makes America Great Inc. is the advocacy arm of the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy-(CARE) both are under the leadership of Marita Noon. The catchphrase “Wake up, show up, stand up and speak up” helps explain our work. The original organization, CARE, founded in 2005, is a 501(c)3 that focuses on educating the public on the important role that energy plays in their life–the “wake up” component. Much of Marita’s speaking and writing–and especially her book Energy Freedom–meets the education/wake up aim. After accepting the leadership at CARE in January 2007, Marita got involved in energy issues and began to actually push for pro energy policies–which threatened the 501(c)3 status as an educational organization. In October 2010 Energy Makes America Great Inc. was born as a 501(c)4 that allows us to actually influence legislation and call for action–the “show up, stand up, speak up” component.

It is exciting to see our continuously increasing impact! We’ve gone from being a little known entity, even within our base-state of New Mexico, where the original emphasis was focused, to being a nationally recognized energy advocate called upon to address and gather support for statewide, region-wide, and national policy issues. For example, from time-to-time, we send out an email blast that may ask folks to contact their Representative or Senator–or even the White House–to express support or opposition to various pending issues. Some of the concerns that we’ve worked on include the Keystone XL pipeline, fighting the extension of the Production Tax Credit for wind energy (which did expire at the end of 2014 but was extended as part of 2015 omnibus spending package), fighting the listing of the sand dune lizard as an endangered species (which was not listed), and rallying people to attend hearings to balance out the anti-energy sentiments loudly expressed by environmentalists.

For nearly two years, with researcher Christine Lakatos, Marita coveredObama’s green-energy, crony-corruption scandal. The collaborative efforts resulted in the biggest single body of work on the topic. Mairta wrote more than 30 columns on it and Lakatos’ blog:The Green Corruption Files, contains a book’s worth of research. The message was been magnified due to citations by many media outlets and commentators includingRush Limbaughand Michelle Malkin.

The green energy columns are just a portion of our efforts to keep energy in the public dialog. Each week, Marita writes a news-based, energy-issues column that is published every Monday on both industry sites such as and and on politically oriented sites including, and Additionally, organizations with compatible missions, such as The Heartland Institute and CFACT publish the weekly column. We are?excited that the influential American Spectator also publish each week’s column. During the days following the original publication, that same column can be found on many websites and is forwarded through individual distribution lists. Additionally, a shorter version of the content is published in newspapers.

Marita is also actively spreading the message through broadcast media.

To the right, you’ll see the “Read of the day” where we post headlines (with links) of the day’s energy news–these are often triggers for Marita’s weekly column. In the event calendar you’ll find information on all of her upcoming speaking engagements and media interviews.

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