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Here are some simple things you can do to help

Educate the Average Energy Consumer

Advocate on Behalf of Energy and the Energy Industry

Fight National Legislation and Regulation that Threatens our Energy Freedom  

Put an Energy Makes America Great Bumper Sticker on Your Car

This simple effort is a passive way to keep energy in the public dialogue. You do not have to talk about energy. You do not have to stick your neck out. You do not have to be bold. There are more than ten million people directly employed in the collective energy industries. Imagine the impact if each of them had an “Energy Makes America Great” bumper sticker on their car. Please contact us for stickers for your family members, friends and colleagues.

Read the Monthly Newsletter: The Voice for Energy

Each month we send out an e-newsletter. Within it you will find commentaries that connect energy to the current news. In addition to reading the articles yourself, we encourage you to use the topics presented as a springboard to keep energy in the conversation. When a current event comes up, you’ll be able to say, “Hey, did you know…?” Use the newsletter as a stimulus to train yourself watch for ways to make your own connections between energy and the headlines. Forward The Voice for Energy to your family, friends and colleagues with a personal note encouraging them to read it and keep energy in the conversation. (If you are not currently receiving The Voice for Energy, please use the subscribe option to the right.)

Contact Your Elected Representatives

When there are local or national issues addressing energy, contact your representatives and let them know you want them to vote for the energy that makes America great. It does make a difference. While the intended recipient may never actually see the letter, your “vote” will be counted. Since very few people take the simple step of sending a letter or e-mail or making a phone call, those who do are weighted and count for far more than one person. From time-to-time, when appropriate, CARE sends out a “CARE Energy Alert” that will ask you to take action and give you links that will make it even easier for you. When we do, please act! Forward the alert to everyone you know who might be inclined to participate.

Attend Hearings that Impact Energy Production

Within your city and state many different hearings and commission meeting take place. Those who oppose energy production in America have been active and organized for decades. They go to the various meetings and speak up. When energy opponents are the only ones who show up, those in the decision making position have almost no choice but to assume these spokespersons are the voice of the people. Supporters of American energy development need to get involved. It is often difficult as the hearings are held during business hours and are frequently rescheduled or postponed due to earlier agenda items taking longer than expected. This is a great way for retired people, self-employed or un-employed, and students to make a difference. CARE sends out notices about hearings (currently only in NM) that need energy supporters.

Write Opinion Editorials and/or Letters to the Editors

An opinion editorial (op-ed) is an article that allows the voice of the citizen to be heard. Articles must be under 750 words and are opinion focused rather than news reporting. The commentaries in the Newsletter are all op-eds that have already been published in many newspapers and/or online commentary sites. Smaller newspapers are more likely to publish unknown writers and are a good place to get started. Do not be discouraged if your opinions are not published. It takes a while to get established. “Letters to the Editor” are another effective way to support energy. When your local paper publishes a news article or an op-ed with which you agree, send the editor a letter—250 words max. Let him or her know that you appreciate that perspective. Newspapers are in trouble today. They need the readers they have. Even if they do not publish your letter, your voice will still be heard. If you begin to watch, you’ll notice that when pro-energy pieces are published, those who attack current, proven fuels get their voices heard. Offering support is important.

Join CARE, Renew Your Membership, Encourage Others, Donate

The mere twenty dollars a year membership in CARE does far more than help with the operational expenses. As a “citizen” group, your membership allows the cooperative efforts of CARE and EMAG to stand firm in the face of opposition. When we can state that we represent nearly 1500 members (current January 2013) from coast-to-coast, our voice is much louder. In the last three years, membership in CARE has more than quadrupled. But wouldn’t it be even better to be able to say, 10,000 members? Please pass the enclosed consumer-focused brochure on to your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to join CARE too! Larger donations are great and are an essential part of what allows CARE to continue to advocate on behalf of energy and the energy industry. Remember, CARE is a 501(c)3. All membership dues and donations are tax deductible.

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