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Green-Energy Crony-Corruption Scandal


Our partnership with researcher Christine Lakatos has been one of our most popular initiatives.  Together we’ve done the most thorough expose on the Obama Administration’s green-energy crony-corruption scandal. Marita has written more than a dozen specific columns based on Lakatos’ research as presented on her Green Corruption Blog—which is funded as a project of CARE. Our cooperative efforts have drawn the attention of Rush Limbaugh. His 2012 December Limbaugh Letter cited our list of failed green-energy companies and linked to the Green Corruption Blog.


Wealthy Environmentalists Push Democrat Harry Reid to Lean-in to Green Energy (originally published: 3/10/2014)

SOTU: When All of the Above Has Nothing Above the Neckline (originally published: 2/2/2014)

Annoying Greenie on defense (originally published: 1/12/2014)

Obama Doctrine: Reward Friends, Punish Enemies (originally published: 12/22/2013)

Green Energy’s Too Expensive (originally published: 7/14/2013)

Crony Capitalism and President Obama: How the System Really Works (originally published: 6/10/2012)

Obama’s Green-Energy Crony-Corruption (originally published: 6/29/2012)

More Obama Green Energy Corruption (originally published: 7/6/2012)

Senator Harry Reid’s Part in Green-Energy Crony-Corruption (originally published: 7/14/2012)

The First Solar Swindle (originally published: 7/21/2012)

How Democrats Say “Crony Corruption” in Spanish: Abengoa (originally published: 8/4/2012)

Third Largest Power Company in the World is the Third Largest Recipient of Risky Loans (originally published: 8/17/2012)

Obama Never Admits Green Energy Failures (originally published: 9/30/2012)

Romney to Obama: “You Pick the Losers” (originally published: 10/7/2012)

Obama’s Green Energy Jobs Promise: 355 Jobs and Counting (originally published: 10/14/2012)

Emails Catch White House Lie on Green-Energy Loans (originally published: 11/1/2012)

Busting Open Energy’s Den of Deception (originally published: 11/4/2012)

Exclusive : DOE Corruption—Appointed and Elected Officials Should Face Prison Time  (originally published: 11/25/2012)

Inside Deals Mar John Kerry for State (originally published: 1/21/2013)

Wall Street Walks on The White House (originally published: 2/24/2013)

Obama Creates More Wealth for Green Crony Soros (originally published: 3/31/13)

On Earth Day, Let’s Waste More Money (originally published 4/22/13)

Fisker: a free ride to make flashy cars in Finland (originally published 4/28/13)

A six-pack of scandals (originally published  5/19/13)

The dirty politics of “clean” energy (originally published 7/28/2013)

The Macker—deal maker, not a car maker (or even a job creator) (originally published 9/29/13)

Harry Reid’s personal green goldmine (originally published 12/9/13)




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